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Meditation chair - foldable

Sale price3.499,95 kr

Carpenter-made folding meditation chair

Carpenter-made meditation chair for use in your meditation practice. The chair is built in oak using traditional carpentry techniques and has cutouts that give a grounding impression of earth. Hinges with ball bearings are mounted on the legs, which make the transportable function silent, which can be an advantage during e.g. retreats, where several people sit in the same room and want to preserve the silence. The chair is treated in linseed oil and polished with vegan/organic wax.

The angle of the seat is adapted to assimilate a so-called seiza position (see definition below), and contributes to a straight back with a mild sway in the lower back.

Seiza, which in its simplicity means "proper sitting position", is a Japanese tradition that allows the practitioner to sit upright during longer meditations as well as musical training/performance. The chair is used as a tool to minimize strain on the knees and ankles.

The chair is many years old lifetime ahead, and can act as a faithful companion on your life's journey.

    The chairs are custom-made in collaboration with Danish TAERRA.

    The height of this chair is suitable for users with a height of 175-185 cm.

    It is possible to have a chair custom-made in personal measurements, adapted to you. If interested, contact us at