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Sustainability and responsibility

At Notre we care about Mother Earth and as part of our business we have implemented a number of sustainability initiatives
Certified factories

We work exclusively with amfori BSCI-certified factories for the production of our products. Amfori BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) is an international initiative that works to improve working conditions in supply chains worldwide. The purpose is to ensure that companies comply with social standards and working conditions in their production facilities. The certification also gives consumers confidence that the products they buy have been manufactured under proper conditions.

Close cooperation and transparency

We maintain close relationships and partnerships with our suppliers to ensure transparency throughout the value chain - this means that we regularly visit our suppliers in the production countries and have close daily dialogue with them regarding both relationships and production. During the visits, we review both social and production technical conditions and ensure that these meet our standards.

Optimum purchasing and inventory

We do not produce more than we can sell - in this way we minimize the risk of excess stock and price reductions, which can lead to overconsumption. Mass production and overconsumption are extremely harmful to our planet, and we are pro to stop this development and trend. For the same reason, you will generally not find discounts and price reductions at Notre. You should buy our products from us because you want a quality product that has a long life - both in terms of material and appearance.

Sustainable material

We strive to produce as much organic and recycled material as possible. The challenge for us as a newly started company is that the demand for organic and recycled material is still minimal compared to conventional material, which is why the supply is low. The low supply results in the metered goods factories having to have very high order quantities in order to start up a production of more sustainable metered goods, which makes it impossible for small, newly started companies to be able to participate. As soon as we can meet the order quantities required, we commit to producing as much as possible in more sustainable materials.

Sustainable wrapping and packaging

All our hang tags, poly bags and shipping bags are made from recycled material - either paper/cardboard or recycled plastic. We strive to use as little packaging as possible. At the same time, we want you to be able to reuse the packaging for a useful purpose. That is why our poly bags have been developed with a zip closure so that they can be reused. They also do very well as a bag for damp training clothes and dirty running shoes in the bag.

While we recognize that the apparel industry is not inherently sustainable, we are dedicated to doing everything we can to contribute to the development of more sustainable practices within our business.